BLCR 0.8.0 beta5 is now available

From: Paul H. Hargrove (PHHargrove_at_lbl_dot_gov)
Date: Wed Dec 17 2008 - 16:54:12 PST

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    I am pleased to announce the availability of BLCR 0.8.0_beta5 from
    Both source tarball and SRPM are available.  The filenames and MD5
    checksums are:
         9b7c1a4d3bbf5966d27bad0f484ac154  blcr-0.8.0_b5.tar.gz
         e35b6f25db6274b23b04abfdbe84563e  blcr-0.8.0_b5-1.src.rpm
    Relative to the eventual 0.8.0 release, this Beta lacks only final
    polishing of the HTML documentation, and of course testing by all you
    nice folks.  There are only two things that would cause another beta:
    1) If I get any significant new bug reports from testing this Beta.
    2) If Linus releases the final 2.6.28 kernel before I release BLCR
        0.8.0 and they don't play nice together.
    Relative to the previous beta, this release changes the following:
       + Use O_DIRECT for reduced memory usage during I/O
    Based on our in-house testing, this release is considered stable (though
    ARM and PPC platforms are still designated as EXPERIMENTAL due to our
    inability to test them as well as i386 and x86_64).
    Even if you have tried a previous Beta, I would like to encourage you all
    to give this one a try.  This is the last chance to catch any lurking
    "gotchas" before the 0.8.0 release is finalized.
    You are receiving this either because you are on the checkpoint_at_lbl_dot_gov
    list, because you've recently sent email to the list (or me directly)
    asking about BLCR status, or because our Bugzilla shows your interests
    in a bug fixed in this beta.
    Paul H. Hargrove                          PHHargrove_at_lbl_dot_gov
    Future Technologies Group
    HPC Research Department                   Tel: +1-510-495-2352
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory     Fax: +1-510-486-6900

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