Re: porting BLCR to ARM

From: Paul H. Hargrove (PHHargrove_at_lbl_dot_gov)
Date: Mon Dec 18 2006 - 12:16:44 PST

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      The two .h files you found are some simple assembly for some atomic 
    operations and performing systems calls that bypass libc.  If one knows 
    the platform asm even a little bit, these two can usually be constructed 
    from fragments in the kernel and glibc.  However, the bulk of the 
    arch-specific code is within the VMADump kernel module, taken from the 
    BProc project.  For a 2.6.X kernel, the directory vmadump4 contains the 
    relavent files.
      As for the rejection of your file I really couldn't say for 
    sure w/o seeing the file and config.log.  However, "not finding it" in 
    the standard locations is just the same "failure to validate" problem, 
    but the message is only  issued when the location is specified via 
    --with-system-map, not when BLCR is guessing the location.
      I suggest that you look at the arch-specific files in vmadump4 to 
    decide if you feel you have the necessary level of familiarity with the 
    ARM platform to make the port.  If after looking at that you are still 
    feeling up to the challenge, you can email me (not checkpoint_at_lbl_dot_gov, 
    please) your file and the config.log file and I'll try to see 
    if I can determine the source of that problem.
    Anton V. Uzunov wrote:
    >Hi everyone, 
    >I am wishing to port BLCR to an ARM platform, and I was wondering
    >whether you could offer some advice and also answer several questions.
    >First of all, I can see that nearly all the architecture dependent code
    >is in the files arch/cr_arch.h and arch/cr_atomic.h - is there any
    >documentation/explanation of what the  assembly code in these two files
    >is doing? 
    >Also, are are there any other architecture-dependent parts to BLCR
    >besides those in the above two files? 
    >I would appreciate any advice (perhaps based upon previous experience)
    >or information you can give to someone embarking this sort of task.
    >At the moment I am simply trying to build BLCR "as is" on an ARM
    >platform (natively), and I am having trouble getting past the configure
    >stage, with the configure script refusing to accept my kernel symbol
    >table in When not including --with-system-map, the configure
    >script does not find my file (even though it is in the
    >standard locations prescribed), while with the flag the error generated
    >"configure: error: failed to validate"
    >I have rebuilt my kernel (2.6.17, using cross-compilation), for a Debain
    >linux system, and the kernel source should be configured.  Any ideas
    >would be appreciated. 
    >Best regards, 
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