porting BLCR to ARM

From: Anton V. Uzunov (anton.uzunov_at_dsto_dot_defence_dot_gov.au)
Date: Sun Dec 17 2006 - 20:38:58 PST

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    Hi everyone, 
    I am wishing to port BLCR to an ARM platform, and I was wondering
    whether you could offer some advice and also answer several questions.
    First of all, I can see that nearly all the architecture dependent code
    is in the files arch/cr_arch.h and arch/cr_atomic.h - is there any
    documentation/explanation of what the  assembly code in these two files
    is doing? 
    Also, are are there any other architecture-dependent parts to BLCR
    besides those in the above two files? 
    I would appreciate any advice (perhaps based upon previous experience)
    or information you can give to someone embarking this sort of task.
    At the moment I am simply trying to build BLCR "as is" on an ARM
    platform (natively), and I am having trouble getting past the configure
    stage, with the configure script refusing to accept my kernel symbol
    table in System.map. When not including --with-system-map, the configure
    script does not find my System.map file (even though it is in the
    standard locations prescribed), while with the flag the error generated
    "configure: error: failed to validate System.map"
    I have rebuilt my kernel (2.6.17, using cross-compilation), for a Debain
    linux system, and the kernel source should be configured.  Any ideas
    would be appreciated. 
    Best regards, 
    Anton V. Uzunov 
    Information Networks Division, ACC Group,
    Defence Science and Technology Organization,
    Edinburgh SA, Australia
    ph: (+061) (08) 8259-7598
    e-mail: Anton.Uzunov_at_dsto_dot_defence_dot_gov.au
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