Re: BLCR Debian Packages

From: Alan Woodland (alan.woodland_at_gmail_dot_com)
Date: Thu Jul 23 2009 - 08:34:06 PDT

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    2009/7/23 Guy Coates <>:
    > I'm not a DD, but I do have some experience with packaging (including the joy of
    > module-assistant), so I'd be happy to review the packages.
    Wow, quite a lot of interest in a short space of time!
    First rough cut packages are online @
    They're definitely not ready for uploading, I've only built them on
    Lenny so far (that's my main priority right now for $day_job usage).
    Modules seem to build ok with m-a a-i blcr, although I can't actually
    insmod them yet since I've been building them for a kernel I've not
    yet booted! (Long running job on my desktop).
    Known issues:
    - Various mentions of AUFS in package descriptions/documentation, I
    used AUFS packages as a starting point.
    > (hey, if it passes lintian, it must be fine, right :)
    - A few lintian warnings, mostly about the copyright file (which
    doesn't reference the locally installed one yet, and has the old FSF
    address etc.)
    - The blcr.tar.bz2 shipped in the blcr-source package is 'heavy' to
    say the least.
    - module assistant mostly prints incomplete junk in the progress
    dialog whilst it's building (I've no idea how to fix that properly)
    - probably not integrated right with the rest of module-assistant
    anyway, I have exactly 0 experience with module-assistant packaging
    until now.
    - Dependencies might be wrong until I try doing things in a chroot to check
    - No postinst script yet for the modules package.
    Anyone care to use/break/test/review/critique/patch these?
    P.S. Rather nice packaging something that has manpages already
    written, and a version for the shared objects that isn't just 0.0.0!

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