Announcing the release of BLCR 0.8.2

From: Paul H. Hargrove (PHHargrove_at_lbl_dot_gov)
Date: Tue Jun 16 2009 - 21:55:09 PDT

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    I am pleased to announce the release of Berkeley Lab Checkpoint/Restart
    (BLCR) version 0.8.2, which is now available from the BLCR Downloads
    Relative to 0.8.1 this release extends support to 2.6.30 kernels and
    fixes minor bugs.  A summary of the user-visible changes in BLCR,
    relative to 0.8.1, appears below in the form of an excerpt from the NEWS
    June 16, 2009
    Bug fix and expanded-support release.
     - This release adds support for 2.6.30 kernels
     - This release fixes the following user-visible bugs and "issues"
       + "waitpid(0)" error when restarting a process that was a child of init
       + A race that would infrequently cause an abnormal restart to hang
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