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From: Paul H. Hargrove (PHHargrove_at_lbl_dot_gov)
Date: Tue Apr 21 2009 - 11:40:09 PDT

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    Wei Zhongwei,
    Answer 1:  Checkpointing with BLCR works at the operating system level 
    and does not know or care what language the program was written in, as 
    long as the program does not do things (like network communication) that 
    BLCR can't handle.  BLCR has been tested with C, Java, php, perl, 
    python, ruby, tcl, and many other languages.  However, if your 
    application needs to interact with BLCR to do something "extra" you 
    currently need to write that interaction in C (see answer #2)
    Answer 2: You already know that BLCR doesn't support checkpointing with 
    sockets.  My only advice to you would be to see if there is some way to 
    close the socket connection before taking a checkpoint and 
    re-establishing the connection after.  If you have C source code for 
    your application, you might be able to write a BLCR "callback" to be run 
    in your application when the checkpoint is taken.  This callback could 
    close and reopen the socket connection.  HOWEVER, I am concerned that 
    there is probably some state associated with the "dialog" between your 
    application and the Database that would not be valid after breaking the 
    connection like this.  So, I am worried that there might be no easy 
    solution for your database-connected application.
    Weizhongwei wrote:
    > Dear Pro:
    > When I use blcr ,I encouter some questions. So I need your help.
    > Question1:  I want to konw what languages does blcr support.   Does it 
    > support other  programm languages but C,such as  Java, php etc.
    > Qestion2: There is some Database connection in my programm , but blcr 
    > does'n support socket checkpoint.  Can you give me some advice  for 
    > dealing with this problem?
    > Thank you very much!
    > Expect your answers.
    > yours
    > Wei.Zhongwei
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