Re: sparc implementation

From: Vincentius Robby (vincentius_at_umich_dot_edu)
Date: Tue Sep 02 2008 - 15:45:59 PDT

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    Thank you Paul,
    Now even after I put the cr_arch.h and cr_atomic.h under  
    libcr/arch/sparc, the following errors appear:
    In file included from ../../libcr/cr_async.c:37:
    ../../libcr/cr_private.h:63:23: error: cr_atomic.h: No such file or directory
    In file included from ../../libcr/cr_private.h:65,
                      from ../../libcr/cr_async.c:37:
    [some more errors]
    ../../libcr/cr_private.h:66:21: error: cr_arch.h: No such file or directory
    Do I have to change something else for blcr to realize the files' existence?
    Also, would you be able to point me to some other resources for the  
    assembly codes? For cr_atomic.h, I understood how to implement  
    compare_and_swap but I am not able to infer the atomic increment and  
    decrement and test from the glibc source codes as well as the source  
    for other architectures. For the syscall functions, would you know of  
    where can I look into? Should the glibc have these?
    Thank you very much for the help, I've been slowly looking into these  
    for a while, but my inexperience hinders me from advancing as quick.
    Vincentius Robby
    Quoting "Paul H. Hargrove" <PHHargrove_at_lbl_dot_gov>:
    > Robby,
    > I believe the correct incantation is
    >    regs->u_regs[UREG_FP]
    > This is based on examination of  
    > linux-2.6.22/include/asm-sparc/ptrace.h, and verification against  
    > code in linux-2.6.22/arch/sparc/kernel/signal.c which needs to get  
    > the stack/frame pointer.
    > However, after a quick look I do believe that get_stack_pointer() in  
    > cr_arch.h is no longer used.  So, you could probably leave it out  
    > entirely.
    > -Paul
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