Announcing the release of BLCR 0.7.2.

From: Paul H. Hargrove (hargrove_at_hpcrd_dot_lbl_dot_gov)
Date: Thu Jul 31 2008 - 15:43:50 PDT

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    I am pleased to announce the release of BLCR 0.7.2.
    It has been available for a couple of days but my mailer appears to have eaten 
    the original announcement.
    The 0.7.2 release is now available from the BLCR Downloads page:
    Relative to 0.7.1, this release fixes several bugs.  Support for 2.6.26 
    kernels (speculated on, but untested in 0.7.1) has also been verified.  A more 
    detailed list of changes appears below in the form of an excerpt from the NEWS 
    You are receiving this either because you are on the checkpoint_at_lbl_dot_gov
    list, because you've recently sent email to the list (or me directly)
    asking about BLCR status, or because our Bugzilla shows your interests
    in a bug fixed in this release.
    July 28, 2008
    Bug fix release
      - Fix a logic error in use of kernel-level synchronization primitives.
      - Fix a 32-bit VDSO restore bug on x86-64 2.6.23 and 2.6.24 kernels.
      - Fix a kernel Oops seen with RH9 2.4.x kernels
      - Fix bug 2298: compile error cr_io.o on SLES10sp2
      - Fix bug 2300: restart fails for open file >2GB
      - Fix bug 2302: block all signals in internal thread
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