Re: Problem restarting process with large file

From: Ladislav Subr (
Date: Wed Jul 16 2008 - 17:06:05 PDT

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    Dear Paul,
    thanks for the prompt response. Your patch really solved the problem!
    > Ladislav,
    >   Thanks for the bug report.
    >   I've looked at the code path that generates the message "Couldn't restore 
    file pointer" and I am fairly confident the problem is simply that we are not 
    testing the return from sys_lseek() correctly.  The result is that the large 
    file offset (>2GB) is being interpreted incorrectly by BLCR as a negative 
    value indicating an error.
    >   If you could, please apply the attatched patch to 0.7.1 and let me know if 
    this resolves the problem.
    > -Paul
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