Using blcr for debugging

From: Parviz Fariborz (parviz_fariborz_at_mentor_dot_com)
Date: Mon May 26 2008 - 05:26:28 PDT

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    I am trying to use blcr to shorten the debug time for a large 
    executable. I have described the approach that I have taken and the 
    issues that I ran into below. Perhaps someone in this mailing list has 
    done the same and can give me some guidance.
    When debugging a long running executable in gdb (multiple hours), I want 
    to use blcr to checkpoint the running executable at a breakpoint close 
    to the problem area where I can safely assume things are in good state. 
    In the next round of debugging, instead of running the executable in 
    gdb, I want to re-start the checkpoint and attach the gdb to running 
    process. This gets me to the point of interest a lot faster.
    My questions are : Is it possible to stop a running process in gdb at a 
    breakpoint and create a checkpoint? I tried it and was able to create 
    the checkpoint file, But the re-start always failed with the following 
    message :
    .Trace/BPT trap
    Also, is there a better approach? If so, please describe it.
    Thanks in advance for your help

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