BLCR file checkpointing doubt
Date: Sat Mar 29 2008 - 03:10:01 PST

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    Dear sir,
    While trying to implement BACKUP_RESTORE policy in file checkpointing, we
    came across a problem. Specifically, while restarting the process from
    it's context file, the file opened by the process ( outfile : opened by
    Examples/file_counting/file_counting  ) does not get created on the disk
    To implement the BACKUP_RESTORE policy, we have used your function
    cr_mkunlinked() (in file cr_io.c ) logic, with the modification that we
    are not doing vfs_unlink() in our version of the function. We think that
    doing this should create a normal file that is not  unlinked ( since we
    are not performing the vfs_unlink() in our version ), even if we delete
    the file ( outfile ) by rm command after we have taken the checkpoint.
    However, this does not happen. NO file gets created on the disk
    filesystem, but there is an entry for that file in the proc filesystem,
    which was getting updated after we ran cr_restart. What we wanted was this
    file should have been created on the disk (if removed) and should have
    been updated like it is being updated right now in the proc filesystem.
    Could you please tell us what is wrong with our modification ( removal of
    vfs_unlink() from your cr_mkunlinked() function ) ?
    Manish Kumar & Abhinav Jha
    IIT Guwahati - India
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