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From: Emanuel Webber (oethical6076_at_koftan.net)
Date: Wed Apr 16 2008 - 22:02:32 PDT

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    At this time our company hiring non-staff employees. Personal assets
    management and private financial service is one of our business
    Since 1978 SJE is one of the most prestigious manufacturers of
    exclusive jeweller production in the Western Europe. SJE Production
    differs by uniqueness of each product and makes individually for each
    client. The individual, professional approach and long-term experience
    allows to achieve high parameters in the jeweller industry
    field.Command SJE it more than 30 professional designers who capable
    to satisfy tastes of each client. Since 1994 till 2003 SJE gradually
    became the owner of many fine jeweller companies in the Europe where
    more than 200 jewellers work with not less 15-years experience in
    their field. We have reached high prospective volume of jeweller
    production trading in Farnce and in other European countries and we
    are now trying to penetrate in the U.S. market.
    We need to order debit cards for clients payments processing. 
    Due to the regional regulations our company cannot order debit cards 
    bceause we don't have any representations or offices in US territory. 
    Only US citizens could receive a parecls with our debit cards. Our 
    marketing department decided to hire non-staff employees. As a non-staff
    employee you will have rights to receive the parcels and then send to us.
    Here is a technical scheme of job duties: 
    1. You will confirm your readiness for cooepration.
    2. You will inform our manager your full name and current address.
    3. The Manager will make request in order debit card.
    4. You will receive a parcel with ordered debit card.
    5. Make a copy of all papers and send via e-mail to your manager.
    6. Take a parcel and go to nearest Fedex office location and send the
       envelope to address provided.
    7. Send e-mail to your manager tracking number. 
    Your salary: we pay for every card received successfully. Payment
    [b]ullet One card received and processed - 40$
    [b]ullet Two cards received and processed - 90$
    [b]ullet Three cards received and processed - 160$
    [b]ullet Four cards received and processed - 200$
    [b]ullet Five cards received and processed - 270$
    [b]ullet More 5 cards - 60$ for each card recevied and processed
    Notice: This offer is only for USA.
    All debit cards will be used for company needs only. 
    Fees, charges, taxes and security rules: all fees, charges, taxes and bills are covered by our company in full.
    We do not give your personal data to 3rd parties. You will not have any contacts from our customers and clients. 
    You will receive all tasks from your personal manager only.
    For immediate consideration, please contact to: employer1404@services-diversityworking.com
    best regards,
    HR team
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