Unlinked files

From: Manish Kumar (m.kumar_at_iitg.ernet.in)
Date: Tue Feb 05 2008 - 02:03:47 PST

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    why do we save the contents of unlinked file in
    cr_module/cr_save_open_file() and do corresponding reconstruction by
    cr_mkunlinked() in its restart counterpart in cr_rstrt_req.c ?
    I think, its there for process in which a file is open() and unlink()
    outright...so that when process exits, file is automatically closed, if
    its reference count reaches zero. So if this process is checkpointed,
    after the unlink() call in its code, there will be no entry in file system
    corresponding to that file, but the process still needs the in-memory data
    of file, when reconstructed from the checkpoint file.
    Please correct me, if I am wrong...or is there any other subtle issue ???
    Manish Kumar
    Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering
    Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
    Guwahati - 39, INDIA

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