Re: blcr-0.6.3 akmod package

From: Paul H. Hargrove (PHHargrove_at_lbl_dot_gov)
Date: Mon Jan 28 2008 - 12:50:41 PST

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    Thanks, Neal.
    I have not yet had a chance to install the livna stuff I need tests this.
    I am pushing a 0.6.4 release out Monday or Tuesday to fix a serious bug 
    (kernel Oops w/ hugetlbfs) and will include a --with-kmod-dir configure 
    option in that release to address your item #2.
    Since your contribution does not touch the original SPEC file, I have no 
    problem with distributing this in BLCR's contrib directory if you are 
    happy with it.  However, I'll need you to resend the specfile with a 
    Signed-off-by line (just as for Linux kernel contributions) before I can 
    redistribute.  If you send me the Signed-off-by version ASAP I'll try to 
    include it in the 0.6.4 release (suitably modified to take advantage of 
    --with-kmod-dir).  Adding some README-type text at the top of the SPEC 
    file would be good, but I can whip up something myself if needed.
    If I do distribute, I am planning to package this as 
    contrib/ because:
    1) Packaging as .spec would confuse "rpmbuild -tb blcr-VERSION.tar.gz" 
    which I use to build the main SRPM.
    2) Doing so lets configure substitute the BLCR release number in place 
    of 0.6.3
    3) contrib/ (as opposed to rpm/) helps convey the fact that I don't 
    regularly test/maintain this specfile
    In time we can see about moving from contrib/ to rpm/ or merging with 
    the main specfile.
    0.6.4 will also eliminate the "no-documentation" warnings from rpmlint 
    by including a licence.txt and COPYING or COPYING.LIB in every package.  
    I may get to the unstripped kernel modules by the time I push out 0.6.4, 
    but am not certain of that.
    Neal Becker wrote:
    > I have spent this morning working on a package for blcr-kmod that should be 
    > compatible with livna packaging and the upcoming rpmfusion packaging.  It 
    > should also make upstream happy.  It doesn't even touch the original srpm.
    > I made a separate srpm 'blcr-kmod'.  A few notes
    > 1.You can't try this stuff without installing a couple of packages from livna 
    > development
    > 2. It looks like blcr make install will install into:
    > /lib/modules/kernel-version/extras
    > It has to go into:
    > /lib/modules/kernel-version/extras/blcr/
    > I'm just mving them there for now, but it would be nice to add a configure 
    > option for this.
    > Here is the .spec file:
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