Re: bugs in blcr

From: Paul H. Hargrove (PHHargrove_at_lbl_dot_gov)
Date: Mon Jul 09 2007 - 10:04:56 PDT

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    Mallikarjuna Shastry wrote:
    > dear sir,
    > thank u very much  for ur reply.
    > i have red hat linux - 9.(kerner 2.4.20-8)
    Since you are using an RPM-based distribution, you have the option to 
    build an RPM from the blcr sources, as described in the "Building a 
    binary RPM from source RPMS" section of the BLCR Admin guide (in the 
    doc/html directory of the BLCR sources, or online at  If you do 
    this and install the resulting .rpm files (something like "rpm -ihv 
    /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i686/blcr*.rpm" as root) then everything I describe 
    below should be taken care of automatically.
    For completeness, I describe below how to handle the module loading and 
    environment settings if one does not use the RPM approach.
    > each time i start a system i have to do the following
    > 1.  I have to load all the kernel modules such as
    > blcr_imports, blcr_vmadump and blcr.o and 
    The loading of kernel modules at boot time is distribution dependent and 
    therefore BLCR doesn't offer one perfect solution for every situation.  
    However, Red Hat 9 is one we know how to handle.  There is a sample 
    blcr.rc script in the etc directory of the BLCR source distribution.  
    You can use this example by running two commands as root:
    1) From to top f you BLCR build directory, run "make -C etc install" to 
    configure the example and copy it into place.
    2) Then run "/sbin/chkconfig --add" to set the links needed to run it at 
    boot time.
    > 2. set PATH, MANPATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH and then export
    > all of these
    As described in the BLCR Admin guide you can add commands to 
    /etc/profile and /etc/cshrc:
    For Bourne-style shells, add the following 4 lines to /etc/profile:
    For csh-style shells, add the following 3 lines to /etc/cshrc
        setenv PATH ${PATH}:PREFIX/bin
        setenv MANPATH ${MANPATH}:PREFIX/man
    In both cases, you need to replace "PREFIX" with "/usr/local" or 
    whatever prefix you specified at configure time.
    > how do i set them only once, so that i can start using
    > blcr directly without doing above thing repeatedly.
    > can i make them loaded during booting time itself.
    > kindly advise me in this regard.
    Let me know if you still have questions.
    > regards
    > m.shastry
    > mallikarjuna shastry
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