bugs in blcr

From: Mallikarjuna Shastry (pmmshastry_at_yahoo_dot_com)
Date: Fri Jul 06 2007 - 07:38:24 PDT

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    dear sir/ madam
    this is mallikarjuna shastry, currently pursuing the
    Ph.D in fault tolerance in distributed systems.
    i am dealing with analysis of roll-back recovery
    protocols such as checkpointing and message logging.
    i have installed blcr-0.5.5 on my linux 9 system.
    each time i switch off my system i have to reinstal
    blcr and run the commands like cr_run,cr_checkpoint
    and cr_restart otherwise they do not work.
    what my be the problem with this? and how do i
    overcome this?
    plz advise me in this regard.
     i have the folowing queries.
    1. how do i take the periodic checkpoint on a process
    2. hod do i restart a process on another node after
    taking checkpoint and terminate it(process-migration)
    3. does blcr support co-ordinated blocking checkpoint
    protocol or non-blocking co-ordinated checkpoint ?
    4. how do i implement the protocols like 
    a.unco-ordinated checkpoint ? 
    b.communication indeced checkpoint ?
    c.message logging protocols such as pessimistic,
    optimistic and causal protocols.?
    kindly send the details regarding this and advise me
    how do i proceed further.
    mallikarjuna shastry
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