Re: TotalView Partner License Request for Cray XT3

From: Jason Duell (jcduell_at_lbl_dot_gov)
Date: Thu Feb 22 2007 - 15:13:04 PST

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    My group at LBL/UC Berkeley has worked with Etnus for the past few years getting
    our UPC compiler to work with Totalview.  Our main contact has been Kathy
    Duthie, who has done a lot of the Etnus-side work on this.
    The agency that funded both Etnus and UCB/LBL to do this work is interested in
    seeing if Berkeley UPC + Totalview could be made to work on an XT3.  We've poked
    around at this a little, but are running into some TCL errors.  We're not sure,
    though, if the bug is because our stuff doesn't work on the XT3 in particular,
    or with Totalview 8 in general (our previous tests were all against Totalview 7,
    the only XT3 we've got access to uses Totalview 8, and we don't have access to a
    different Totalview 8 install).
    We're thus interested in getting a Totalview 8 license for one of our systems so
    we can try to isolate whether this is an XT3 or Totalview 8 problem.  
    The license we've gotten in the past from you was for a 4 user, 16 processor on
    x86 on license server(s) "".  Another license like that would be
    fine. Note that this is an x86 platform, NOT an XT3.
    Jason Duell             Future Technologies Group
    <jcduell_at_lbl_dot_gov>       Computational Research Division
    Tel: +1-510-495-2354    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    On Wed, Feb 21, 2007 at 09:51:04AM -0500, Matt Tighe wrote:
    > Jason,
    > My name is Matt Tighe and I am in the Business Development Unit 
    > responsible for handling partner license requests.  Our engineering 
    > department has asked me to assist you in obtaining a partner license.  
    > Can I ask you a couple specifics about your licensing needs?  Is Cray 
    > XT3 the correct platfrom?  How many user will you require the license 
    > for?  What is the maximum number of processors needed?  What is the 
    > exact purpose for the license?  If you could please provide me with this 
    > information I can send you a Partner License Agreement for your review, 
    > once we received an accepted copy back via email I can have licensing 
    > cut you a key.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
    > Regards,
    > -Matt
    > -- 
    > Matt Tighe
    > Business Development Associate
    > Etnus,LLC
    > 24 Prime Parkway
    > Natick, MA 01760
    > Email: matt.tighe_at_etnus_dot_com
    > Phone: (508)652-7778

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