New BLCR snaphot release (pgrp/session support)

From: Paul H. Hargrove (PHHargrove_at_lbl_dot_gov)
Date: Tue Jan 23 2007 - 15:04:20 PST

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    A new snaphot release of BLCR has been made available at
    Below is the ChangeLog entry (relative to the Fall-2005 0.4.2 release)
    You are receiving this either because you are on the checkpoint_at_lbl_dot_gov 
    list, or because you've recently sent email to the list (or me directly) 
    asking about BLCR status.
    January 23, 2007
    Snapshot for kernels 2.4.0 though 2.6.17, and group/session support.
     - This snapshot resolves compilation issues on vanilla kernel
       versions 2.6.X for 14 <= X <= 17.
     - Several 2.4.X and 2.6.X kernels have been tested on a 2-way P4 Xeon 
    w/ HT.
       This includes versions 2.4.X for X = 14, 15, 16 and 17.
     - There are know issues for 2.6.18 (restores get "stuck").
     - No 2.6.x.y kernels have been tested.
     - Some RedHat9 kernels (but no other disto-specific ones) have been tested.
     - AMD64 or EM64T compilations pass, but no runtime checks have been done.
     - This snapshot contains the first public release of support for process
       groups and sessions.  Some release notes for this feature:
       + The command line flags to cr_checkpoint to supply a pgid or sid as
         the target are now implemented.
       + When checkpoint/restarting a process group or session, all processes
         with the indicated identifier are included, along with any pipes that
         connect them.
       + At this time, the restored processes inherit the pgid and sid of the
         cr_restart process, rather then having their original ones restored.
         This is a sane default because an unmodified parent (such as a shell)
         of cr_restart will lose job control over the processes if these
         identifiers are restored.  A future release will include the ability to
         request restore of these identifiers, but the default will probably
         remain as it is now.  Questions and feedback are welcome.
       + There is not yet a "checkpoint this process and all its decendants",
         but one is planned.
     - This snapshot contains work in progress that is unrelated to the
       items listed here and that have not been widely tested.
     - This snapshot includes I/O aggregation patches contributed by
       Qi Gao <>.
     - This snapshot includes fixes for use of libcr in statically linked
       executables, contributed by Dean Luick <luick_at_cray_dot_com>.
     - This snapshot includes fixes for "make distclean", contributed by Dean
       Luick <luick_at_cray_dot_com>.
     * Please *do* report problems with any kernels you try, regardless of
       what is listed above.
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