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From: Paul H. Hargrove (PHHargrove_at_lbl_dot_gov)
Date: Fri Jan 12 2007 - 08:46:56 PST

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    Qin Ling,
      Since the release of 0.4.2 in Oct 2005, the development on BLCR has 
    been slow, but has not stopped.  There have been small changes 
    (including bug fixes and support for newer kernels) since 0.4.2 which 
    are available as "snapshot" releases at
      I am currently testing what will become 0.4.3, hopefully by the end of 
    January, adding support for checkpointing entire process groups and/or 
    sessions.  However, there are still bugs to be resolved before that release.
      As for "mpich support", the situation is slightly more complicated 
    than that phrase implies.  The "support" goes in the MPI implementation, 
    which must be modified to call BLCR to cooperate in checkpointing of 
    communication.  LAM/MPI is *not* the only MPI implementation with 
    support currently available.  The most recent release of MVAPICH (MPICH2 
    ported to InfiniBand) has support as well.  The teams working on MPICH2 
    and OpenMPI are both working on support - you should contact those 
    groups if you want estimated availability dates.
    Qin Ling wrote:
    > hi,
    >    i'm interested in your BLCR project and i know the latest version 
    > support LAMmpi/OpenMpi. But you haven't released new version since 0.4.2.
    >    Are you still developing this project and i want to now whether you 
    > plan to support MPIch?
    >    Thanks!
    > sincerely,
    > Ling, Qin
    > Nankai Institute of Scientific Computing,
    > Nankai University,
    > China
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