kernel >2.4.29 problems?

From: John M. Choi (johnchoi_at_its_dot_caltech_dot_edu)
Date: Tue May 16 2006 - 00:03:09 PDT

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    I'm trying to install blcr-0.4.2 against linux-2.4.32. However, blcr uses
    locks_verify_area in 2 files:
    The first time I tried to install this, the module blcr_vmadump complained of
    unresolved symbol locks_verify_area. I believe that the function no longer
    exists in linux version > 2.4.29 except in arch/mips from looking at
    patch-2.4.30 from The new function seems to be rw_verify_area.
    So, I copied the function calls in
      (as per the comments in cr_io.c)
    and changed the references in blcr. I then recompiled, but now the vmadump
    module complains:
      unresolved symbol rw_verify_area.
    So, just to make sure, I recompiled the kernel, and made sure that and bzImage was self-consistent, copied the freshly compiled
    versions to /boot, re-ran lilo and rebooted. I then 'make distclean', and
    re-configure and re-make blcr, but I still get the unresolved symbol
    If I do 'grep rw_verify_area /boot/', I get
      c014d5f0 T rw_verify_area
    but if I look in /proc/ksyms, the symbol does not exist. However, this
    symbol does exist in linux-2.4.32/vmlinux, which is used to create
    bzImage. (I'm confused about what's going on here.)
    I realize, that most of the people reading this are probably much more
    familiar with kernel internals than I (I'm basically guessing here), but
    I've tried to err on the side of verbosity in what I've tried for
    clarity's sake.
    Would anyone please be willing to offer any hints? It would be much
    John Choi, Caltech 136-93, Pasadena, CA 91125
    Tel: 626-395-4829 Fax: 626-405-0928

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