Re: About BLCR and 2.6 kernel

From: Alexandre Carissimi (
Date: Wed Feb 15 2006 - 20:47:22 PST

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    Hi, Paul;
    Thanks for your reply. The latest comments are:
    (1) I could compile blcr 0.4.2 + lammpi 7.1.2b31 +
         kernel and it seems to work fine. My
         C compiler and all stuff (libs, binutils etc) are
         the latest stable releases. My problem mentionned
         on last e-mail was with MPI.
    (2) A "hook": to compile blcr on 64 bits architecture I
         did a modification on its code (I was a little bit
         desesperated ;) ). I got a compiler error on
         when compiling to 64 bits. It complained about the
         "movl" instructions on in-line asm instructions. I changed
         to "mov" (any comments??)
    Only after the change mentionned above I could get blcr+lam
    to work on my kernel on Dual Opteron 64 bits. I
    installed also blcr on 32 bits architectures (no problems) and
    I ran the same applications getting the same results, so I
    think that this change didn't not affected blcr behavior....
    Thanks again for your reply and comments about contraints
    on using blcr on 64 bits architectures (all my applications are
    compiled to 64 bit).
    Paul H. Hargrove wrote:
    >Things changed either at the 2.6.12 or the 2.6.13 kernel, which is why
    >you see a problem at 2.6.15.  We are working on this issue.
    >I believe that 2.6.11 should work.
    >The only significant constraint on 64-bit architectures is that we don't
    >yet support 32-bit apps.
    >Alexandre Carissimi wrote:
    >>I'have been tryed for a week to install and use BLCR
    >>on Opteron processors using differents 2.6 kernel
    >>versions. Sometimes I had errors messages like "
    >>the structure <name> is not supported" (on 2.6.15.x
    >>kernel). On  2.6.12 it seems to compile correctly but
    >>I'm having troubles to checkpoint MPI programs (in
    >>this case, I think that is a MPI problem). Anyway....
    >>My real question is: what is the latest kernel version
    >>that you know blcr works? What is the contraints to
    >>use blcr on 64 bits architectures (if there is one)? Do
    >>you recommend a special kernel version?
    >>Thanks and advance.
    >>A. Carissimi
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