Re: BLCR 0.4.1 Beta5 now available

From: Ladislav Subr (
Date: Sun Oct 16 2005 - 05:05:26 PDT

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    Dear Paul,
    'make check' works fine on my dual Opterons (Beta4 was also successfull). I'll 
    use it on my cluster and let you know how it behaves on longer time-scale 
    (unlike others, I've had quite positive experience with Beta4).
    I've tested current version also on 32-bit Athlon (vanilla kernel 
    and Pentium III (several vanilla kernels 2.6.12.x and 2.6.13.x), both on SUSE 
    9.0 distro. Two of the standard tests always failed (simple_pthread.ct and 
    pipe.ct), both with restart/timeout message. I've tested also Beta4 and Beta2 
    on the same systems with identical results. Motivated by some of your e-mail 
    a few months ago, I've also tried to increase $test_timeout to 300 (on PIII), 
    but it haven't changed the results. What is the others' experience on 32-bit 
    Best regards
    > A new BLCR beta (0.4.1_b5) is now available at:
    > This fixes (at least on my test system) the kernel crashes observed with
    > AMD64 and EM64T systems.  Therefore I'd appreciate hearing both positive
    > and negative reports from those who have tried previous betas on x86_64
    > systems.
    > Note that with this release, the blrc kernel-side functionallity has
    > split into three kernel modules:
    >    blcr
    >    blcr_vmadump
    >    blcr_imports
    > versus two previously:
    >    blcr
    >    vmadump_blcr
    > Any scripts you may have to (un)load kernel modules may need updating.
    > -Paul

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