Re: How to use BLCR APIs (and your webpage's Link is unavailable!)

From: Paul H. Hargrove (PHHargrove_at_lbl_dot_gov)
Date: Tue Oct 04 2005 - 12:12:01 PDT

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    Sorry about the website being down.  We are in the process of recovering
    from an attack on our webserver.  For now the project pages can be
    accessed at
    As to the usage question...
    The comments in include/libcr.h are meant to substitute for full
    documentation until we've had the chance to write it.  However, feel
    free to ask questions if anything is not clear to you.
    You can find examples in the examples subdirectory of the blcr source
    In general, an application with no speciallized resources to checkpoint
    (such as sockets) doesn't need any calls to blcr functions.  It just
    needs to be linked w/, or it should be launched with cr_run
    (which LD_PRELOADs  A checkpoint can then be requested using
    If one needs to perform custom actions at checkpoint/restart time, then
    one should register a callback as can be seen in
    examples/pthread_misc/pthread_misc.c.  It is in that callback that one
    would call cr_checkpoint().
    If one wants an application to checkpoint itself at a given point in the
    execution, then one of the cr_request*() functions should be used.
    Hideyuki Jitsumoto wrote:
    >Sorry, I forgot to describe my environment.
    >Machine: VMWare 5.00(x86)
    >OS: Linux 2.4.27
    >GCC: 3.3.5
    >BLCR: 0.4.0
    >And, I could use cr_run, cr_checkpoint and cr_restart command.
    >>I'm Hideyuki interested in MPI checkpointing.
    >>Now, I try to use BLCR from my program.
    >>But I don't get the specification of BLCR API, then
    >>I don't understand how to checkpoint my process.
    >>Would you tell me a paper about how to use BLCR API ?
    >>Already I tried following code, but a segmentation fault occured.
    >>I thought I have to use some API excluding cr_checkpoint()(Is this wrong??).
    >>	while(){
    >>		sleep(1);
    >>		.......
    >>		res = cr_checkpoint(0);
    >>		if(res){
    >>			printf("restarted.\n");
    >>		}else{
    >>			printf("continued.\n");
    >>		}
    >>	}
    >>Finary, I found link was unabailable.
    >>All of the URI don't have ".", so I want to add "." to URI.
    >>I'm waiting for your advise, thank you.
    >>Sincerely yours,
    >>Hideyuki Jitsumoto @ TITECH
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