Re: Unresolved simbols error when trying to install BLCR modules

From: Adolfo J. Banchio (
Date: Thu Sep 01 2005 - 05:29:16 PDT

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    thanks for the prompt answer. 
    These are the outputs of the commands you asked:
    $ uname -r
    $ grep irq_stat /boot/
    c029ef6a R __kstrtab_irq_stat
    c02ab190 R __ksymtab_irq_stat
    c03b7fc0 B irq_stat
    I do not know if this proves the presence of the 466 bug,
    but to complete the information the kernel is from
    ROCKS (a cluster distribution) 3.3.0, based on RH EL.
    The installed kernel-source package is
    and could be downloaded from:
    But I'm not whure if the running kernel is exactly this
    (although the configure script doesn't claim is a different one).
    When istalling the distribution it also install the following
    All these (and the problem) is on an Athlon machine (the frontend).
    The nodes are Pentium 4 machines, and there the installation 
    of BLCR and loading of modules happens without problems. On those
    machines is the same kernel (but the smp version) running, and
    the installed packages are:
    I hope this helps to understand the problem. Since it work on the
    nodes, it is not from high priority for me to solve the issue, but
    it would be nice to, and specially if this could help to improve 
    BLCR. Which, by the way, it's GREAT !!.  
    thanks in advance,
    P.S.: separately I send another question from the working BLCR.
    On Wed, 2005-08-31 at 19:46, Paul H. Hargrove wrote:
    > Adolfo,
    >   I am not certain about the cause of your problem.  The unresolved
    > symbol is a versioned one (the _R94d0d943) and therefore must be
    > exported by the kernel.  However, if the running kernel and the source
    > (as configured) don't match this is just the kind of thing one could
    > expect to happen.  Just for a sanity check, please ensure that "uname
    > -r" says "2.4.21-20.EL", and tell me what "grep irq_stat
    > /boot/" yields.
    >   If I can get a hold of the sources for the kernel in question (please
    > do *NOT* e-mail them to me), I should be able to see if there is
    > something wierd in BLCR.  Could you point me an an ftp or http download
    > site for the kernel source (I assume EL is RedHat Enterprise Linux, but
    > I  don't know which release).
    >   It is also possible that this is a variation of bug 466 in which the
    > kernel is not using versioned symbols but kernel modules are.  If so,
    > the grep output requested above will prove it.
    > -Paul
    > Adolfo J. Banchio wrote:
    > >Hi,
    > >
    > >I'm trying to install the BLCR modules, but after
    > >compiling the I get the following error when 
    > >loading the first one:
    > >
    > >%/sbin/insmod /usr/local/lib/blcr/2.4.21-20.EL/vmadump_blcr.o
    > >
    > >/usr/local/lib/blcr/2.4.21-20.EL/vmadump_blcr.o: unresolved symbol
    > >irq_stat_R94d0d943
    > >
    > >
    > >I've checked te mailing list and find a similar thread, and
    > >followed the suggestions there:
    > >
    > >- copy /boot/config file to /usr/src/linux/.config
    > >- make oldconfig
    > >-  make dep
    > >
    > >and the ./configure --with-system-map=/boot/
    > >etc
    > >
    > >But still get the mentioned error.
    > >
    > >Any help will be apreciated.
    > >
    > >thanks in advance
    > >
    > >
    > >adolfo
    > >
    > >
    > >  

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