From: sichiwai (
Date: Thu Jul 21 2005 - 04:37:30 PDT

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      i have some questions regarding the checkpoint/restart project.
    According to FAQ ( and the BLCR can not 
    checkpoint TCP/IP and sockets. FAQ8 states that "You must arrange for 
    your program to release such resources before it is checkpointed (see 
    next FAQ)". What happens to those resources not checkpointed. Are they 
    simply ignored or do the cause problems?
    What I especially need to know, what happens to bound sockets, since 
    they need some time to be gracefully released and reacquired, which is 
    certainly not desirable for a performance based application.
    Also I'd like to know what happens to a pthread which has not called 
    cr_init(). I one of your examples (pthread_misc) the callback is 
    initialized for every thread. In the other pthread  example, no 
    checkpoint function is called at all.. . What is now the correct way to 
    checkpoint a application with multiple threads?
      Christian Iwainsky

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