Re: chekpoint support for amd64?

From: Kris Buggenhout (Kris.Buggenhout_at_Sun_dot_COM)
Date: Fri Apr 01 2005 - 10:27:34 PST

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    any chance on getting my hands on the latest code that comes close ?
    cvs ?
    I am willing to invest some timein it and try to get some of the 
    weirdness ironed out...the 0.4.0 version does not compile for me, the 
    vmadump.c has no support for x86_64, and the code in vmadump4 is for 2.6 
    kernels I assume...
    have been trying to hack it to work... but the version I have is way 
    off... ;)
    I have a cluster of 255 dual opterons that are in desperate need for a 
    checkpoint solution...
    thnx in advance, Kris
    Paul H. Hargrove wrote:
    > At this point the BLCR support for x86_64/amd64 is still not working.  
    > My development version is closer to working than is 0.4.0, but multi 
    > threaded processes are still only checkpointing and restoring correctly 
    > at random times.
    > My efforts are now shifting away from active work on the x86_64 support 
    > and returning to work on improved Linux 2.6 support on x86.  This does 
    > not mean that there will be no x86_64 support, just that it is now my #2 
    > or #3 priority rather than #1.
    > -Paul
    > Kris Buggenhout wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> I was wondering if there is anything new on this level, I would like 
    >> to have checkpointing available, but the platform is still not really 
    >> supported...
    >> I have the 0.4.0 version of blcr. but the readme states that although 
    >> support can be compiled in, it will not work...
    >> thnx in advance, Kris

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