Re: debugging with gdb

From: Paul H. Hargrove (PHHargrove_at_lbl_dot_gov)
Date: Mon Mar 07 2005 - 09:39:43 PST

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    Please enter a detailed description of your problem into bugzilla 
    ( and we'll see how we can address it.
    Include information about your platform (kernel version, disto, SMP?). 
    Since gdb is involved, please provide the versions of gdb, gcc and glibc 
    that you are using (they all must cooperate for a debugger to work 
    Describe what you are trying to do with enough detail that one of us can 
    reproduce the failure.  If you wish to, you may attach source code or a 
    transcript of a gdb session to the bug report, but unfortunately not at 
    the initial bug entry screen.  You will need to complete the initial bug 
    report entry, and then you'll find an option to attach files on the bug 
    editting page.
    Richard Hu wrote:
    > If attempting to restart a process results in the following error: 
    > "cri_syscall(CR_OP_RSTRT_REAP): Invalid argument", then how can I attach 
    > a debugger to it?
    > Thanks,
    > Richard
    > At 09:01 PM 3/2/2005, you wrote:
    >> Richard,
    >>  By its nature, cr_restart has to do some pretty "unconventional" 
    >> stuff.  However, I am suprised that it is crashing.  The program 
    >> cr_restart is really only a requester for the restart, so I am not 
    >> sure how valuable it is to run gdb against cr_restart.  What you 
    >> really probably want it a way to attach the debugger to the restarted 
    >> process.
    >>  We don't have any currelty known issues or work-arounds related to 
    >> debugger use.  I encourage you to enter into bugzilla a detailed 
    >> description of your problem and we'll see if it is something we can 
    >> address.
    >> -Paul
    >> Richard Hu wrote:
    >>> Hi,
    >>> I had a question about debugging when attempting to restart a program 
    >>> using your Berkeley Lab Checkpoint/Restart program that I was hoping 
    >>> you could answer.  I wrote a simple program that assigns a value to a 
    >>> variable, checkpoints the program and then assigns another value to 
    >>> the same variable.  When I run the program, it checkpoints properly 
    >>> and I can use cr_restart to restart it correctly.  However, when I 
    >>> attempt to step through cr_restart using a debugger (gdb in this 
    >>> case), it crashes.
    >>> I searched through bugzilla for any relevant information and could 
    >>> not find anything relating to gdb.  Are there any known issues 
    >>> involved with attempting to use gdb to step through cr_restart?  If 
    >>> so, are there any work-arounds?
    >>> Thank you very much
    >>> Richard Hu
    >>> rhu_at_opnet_dot_com
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