debugging with gdb

From: Richard Hu (rhu_at_opnet_dot_com)
Date: Wed Mar 02 2005 - 14:03:21 PST

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    I had a question about debugging when attempting to restart a program using 
    your Berkeley Lab Checkpoint/Restart program that I was hoping you could 
    answer.  I wrote a simple program that assigns a value to a variable, 
    checkpoints the program and then assigns another value to the same 
    variable.  When I run the program, it checkpoints properly and I can use 
    cr_restart to restart it correctly.  However, when I attempt to step 
    through cr_restart using a debugger (gdb in this case), it crashes.
    I searched through bugzilla for any relevant information and could not find 
    anything relating to gdb.  Are there any known issues involved with 
    attempting to use gdb to step through cr_restart?  If so, are there any 
    Thank you very much
    Richard Hu

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