DOE Operating Systems work

Date: Wed Mar 17 2004 - 18:31:38 PST

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    Prof. Brewer:
    It was good talking to you during the visit day yesterday.
    I thought you might be interested in seeing what sort of Operating
    Systems research the Department of Energy is sponsoring.  Here's a grant
    notice (just issued today) for the OS component of the "Next Generation
    Architectures" (NGA) effort:
    The research areas are fairly wide-ranging.  My group at the Lab is
    planning to submit a proposal focusing on using K42 as a platform for
    HPC operating systems research.
    You mentioned that you'd be amenable to meeting with some people from my
    group to toss around ideas.  Are you free during the next two weeks?
    Tuesday March 30th or Wednesday March 31st would be ideal, but we could
    also meet next week.  I know it's short notice, but we'd like to be able
    to include in our proposal any high-level ideas that come out of our
    If you're available, let me know, so I can see if specific times work
    for everyone.
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