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From: Eric Roman (
Date: Mon Feb 23 2004 - 13:51:43 PST

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    We don't have remote CVS access.  
    If you're interested in following some of the development, you can subscribe
    to the checkpoint mailing list.  Send an e-mail to Majordomo_at_lbl_dot_gov with
    subscribe checkpoint <your-email adress> in the body.
    We've ported up to the RH 9 kernel, which has merged some of the 2.6 features,
    but we haven't tried doing a full port to 2.6 yet.  It's planned, though.
    (I don't expect it to be that hard.)
    If you want to submit a bug, you can use the bugzilla database on
    How is BLCR working for you so far?
    > Hi,
    > 	I'm using BLCR 0.2.1 with LAM 7.0.4 to implement communication-induced
    > checkpointing and I'm interested in following the development, but I see
    > no CVS read-only access on your site. Do you have any? May I checkout
    > your code? And I'm also curious if you are going to port your code to
    > 2.6, as it's getting really stable.
    > Thanks,
    > -- Ulisses
    Eric Roman                       Computational Research Division
    510-486-6420                     Berkeley Lab

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