LAM configure changes

From: Brian W. Barrett (
Date: Wed Oct 30 2002 - 20:29:47 PST

Hey all -

A couple changes to LAM's configure script that directly affect you:

 To configure, add all the normal options you might have (prefix,
--with-debug, whatever).  For the C/R related stuff, there are only two




Where --with-cr=DIR will specify DIR as where to look for the src tree of
the C/R code.  If the headers and libs are in the standard search paths,
the right things will "just happen" without this flag.

For the second option, --with-cr-file-dir=DIR, DIR is the default location
for dropping checkpoint files.  There is currently no $HOME expansion or
anything like that.  SO this might not be all that useful.  Even more
important, it probably doesn't work.  So, this will require some more
thought and/or work.

Suggestions on where to put the checkpoint files are welcome :).


  Brian Barrett
  LAM/MPI developer and all around nice guy
  Have a LAM/MPI day: