LBNL/IU telephone conf reminder (AGAIN NO A.G.)

From: Paul H. Hargrove (
Date: Mon Oct 28 2002 - 10:38:21 PST

This is a reminder about a telephone conference scheduled for 3-4pm PST,
Tuesday, October 29.  We have had reasonable success with just the 
telephone, so we'll stick to that mode again.

NOTE THE NEW TIME.  We have shifted by one hour with then end of DST in 
Berkeley.  This means the non-conforming time at IU remains unchanged.

To attend:
     Long Distance users call 1-877-252-5250,
     Local users call 510-647-3480,
then press 1, enter 217373# and follow the instructions.

We'll, of course, be focusing on SC2002 demo planning again.

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  I've been warned that the telephone conferencing at 
LBNL at switching over to a new system this week.  Please be patient if 
things go a little rough.  If all else fails we'll do like last week. 
So, if you are unable to join the conference, then e-mail me with a 
number at which I can call you and I'll use my office telephone to 
bridge us all together.


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