Sriram's first week

From: Paul H. Hargrove (
Date: Fri May 10 2002 - 15:14:02 PDT

As I write this on Friday we are loking forward to having Sriram join us
on Monday.  However, I am still not certain about what we'll have Sriram
doing in the first week.  I am ceratin that Monday will be completely
shot with meaningless paperwork and getting a workstation setup. 
However, I'd like to have Sriram doing something productive as soon as

So, I want to know where Sriram is with respect to LAM/MPI and
checkpoint/restart.  Is there specific work in LAM that Sriram is
already doing and should continue?  Should we dive right into discussing
how we expect to trigger LAM in the event of a checkpoint?  Is Sriram in
a possition to teach us Berkeley folks about how LAM applications
interact with the lamd and how the lamd's interact with eachother?

A second issue is whether we should plan to have a conference call
sometime during this first week, or wait for the AG time the following

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